Art’acte – Tête-à-tête

What is it that makes your space yours? How do you claim it? Personalise it?

Recently I’ve been documenting what you might do in the intimacy of your room. How much time you spend in it and what it means to you. It’s fascinating how complete strangers can open up to each other. With a lot of respect, without any judgement and lots and lots of laughter.

When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone? Notice how their face lights up when they talk about something close to their hearts. How posed and grounded they might be. How they elegantly talk with their hands. Notice their quirks and the beauty of all their stories. How they openly share and are unapologetically themselves. How you involuntarily leave a little bit, or too much of yourself in their domestic space. And how beautiful creatures humans can be. Lire la suite

Art’acte – Foamy Pastels

Foamy Pastels is the documentation of the textures and flow of waves crashing on different Mauritian shores. Whilst wandering around Mauritian beaches I was drawn to waves and foam, as the ocean slowly cascades upon the shore. I wanted to capture the subtle differences of seashores all around the island. It’s funny how we picture yellow and blue when we think about the ocean and the beach but I immortalised so many different shades of pastel colours. From lavender, to lilac, turquoise and so many pink hues. I focused on the differences in sand, shells, the waves, the textures and the colours. The more I shot the remote and “un mainstream” beaches, the more I realised how many beaches are not permanent fixtures of our island. I wanted to capture these moments of natural serenity before they disappear. Visiting these shorelines was a stark contrast to my life in the often grey and busy city life of Manchester, this gave me a chance to reconnect with simplistic pleasures such as listening to the sound of the sea, dipping my feet in the water and tasting the salty ocean on my lips. Lire la suite